Rahina 25Mahuru

Monday 25 September

Behaviour has been an issue over the last couple of weeks. We are short of space, but even so, our rule of Respect seems to be being stretched. The Kauri team had to have a chat about expectations  and behaviour. Hopefully the standard of respect will pick up as the children will come back refreshed and ready for the last 9 weeks of school.

Please have a chat to your child about being treated and treating others with respect.

We had a lovely visit from Emily Tucker and her rabbits. We had a pat and a stroke.

We "sold " our books to the class. We were skilled at giving our book review.

Look at our choices of which books we like to read.

We all chose 3 books that we heard about that we would like to read. Look out for our ideas. We would love to make a trip to the public library to chose books that are different to our school library.

Reading is a great thing to do over the holidays.

We used this model to plan and write a narrative that we could read to the Kereru team when we have finished them. Mrs Rush would love her class to hear our stories.

These are our finished posters that go with the story "The plight of the Sea Turtle."


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