Ratu 12 Mahuru

Tuesday 12 September

Maori Language week is here. We are learning the maori vowels and to try to say the names correctly. Give it a go. We talked about our volcano names and bach place names. We loved the thought of volcanoes and had lots of questions so in groups we did some quick research into volcano types, places they are found in NZ. how many there are in Tamaki Makaura ( Auckland), where live ones are, White island and the sulphur mine disaster, Tangiwai disaster, the museum volcano room and Hawaiian volcanoes.

Maths today was Multiplying using place value. We always start with materials so children can readily and visually grasp the concept.

I also opened more Mathletics slots for Room 11 maths.

16x 3=
3x 6=18
3x10= 30

Problem solving using place value.

Cloze comprehension was tricky as our vocabulary knowledge is rather limited.

Peer teaching is a powerful tool if you wish to check how you are doing

Working hard and it is getting easier no matter how serious we look.

We've got it!

Isi and Toa are making connections between what they write and what they read
Here is the story mountain for their reading book and our Narrative.

Our narrative summary of "The Jets and the Rockets."

Level 3 Cloze text

We read our narratives, "The day everything was opposite". They were great stories and so humorous. Well done my "Super Authors".

Another case of policy making by National, that has some serious question marks beside it. Wouldn't this money 359 million be better spent on building upgrades, teacher aides, smaller classes and things that impact directly on your children than this policy which many say has "been dictated to them by the Education Ministry."


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