Ramere 29 Mahuru

Friday 29 September

It's been a fantastic term with your children. I have loved every minute of their learning, fun and humor.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break. You kids are tired and with only 9 weeks of Term 4 it will be fast and furious with lots to cover.

Our final day was a total "funfest".

The Apelu family are the most amazing helpers. Everytime they come to school early, they put out the lost property for me and collect all the cups and return them to the staffroom for reuse. I don't know what i'd do without you all!

Today was "Hampster Ball". It was a mission trying to throw some of these "babies"!

Tara was good enough to eat!

A delight!

We all played Cloak of Protection! Isi won again!

Finishing our amazing narratives. Everyone helped type!

The back wall display

We watched Ralph's skiing photos.

1st in cloak of protection in that group!

2nd in this group!

After hampster Ball we had our shared morning tea. Thanks Mums and Dad's. We have a couple of packets of biscuits left for next term.

Everything went by the end of the day. Noah's dumplings just vanished. Luckily he saved me one! Thanks.

My very formal party layout.

Dom with "Beatrice".

There is a new Maths web site. Here is the address
www. prodigygam.com/play
log in, get a password and play.


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