Ramere 8 Mahuru

Friday 8 September

"Happy birthday to you" Kit!
Flash hat and shirt!

Thanks to the people who offered to transport children to the Interschool Cross Country on Thursday  September 14. I would love your help.  I am a parent  short so if you can help, please email me.
Thanks so much!

I am also putting 2 cricket teams together for Tuesday September 19 at Rosedale Hockey Turf. Lisa, Maggie, Aaliyah, Tara all want to play again.

Try using this with times tables, 10s and 100s and altering the numbers.

12x 10=?


Maths in Room 11. Try a few orally. Can your child do them?

Reading today. Vocabulary and making sense of the text when there is a word missing, ( cloze reading).

We picked out the key word to see if they could help narrow the search down.

We continued writing our Narratives about the 3 little beasties! We are enjoying changing a story and using our imagination!

We continued to practice "than" and "then" and when to use it.
Next week it is wear, were, and where.

These fabulous people taught us how to code. We all had 2 turns each to make dash the robot move, flash its lights and makes noises.

We wanted to have some noisy fun and we got it playing with the Parachute, "Cat and Mouse" and the "Colour" game!


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