Raapa 13 Mahuru

Wednesday 13 September

Interschool Cross Country is tomorrow. Thanks to the parents that offered to help. see you at the grounds or helping transport at 12.30 or at the venue at 1pm. My class will be split from 12.30pm across the block.

Room 11 split for Interschool Cross Country Thursday September 14
Rm 10
Elliot      Dom   
Sophie   Benji
Cruz        James

Rm 12
Sam   Spike     Hayley
Olivia  Logan

Rm 13
Kit    Tara
Anshu   Amelia
Toa      Pippa

Rm 14
Noah     Reiya   
Api         Isi          

Gunn     Aaliya

Election news.

Last week, the government announced that four new charter schools are going to be set up around the country.

PPTA has always said that charter schools aren't a particularly good idea. We were opposed to their introduction in 2013, and we remain opposed to them today.

Backpack Full of Cash 
is a documentary about charter schools - about how they're funded (and how they're funded to the detriment of public schools), how they're not held to the same standards as public schools, and how they're a pathway to the stealthy privatization of the public system.

There are a number of websites from which you can view further info. Gold coin donation.
Backpack Full of Cash - Bridgeway Theatre, Northcote, Wednesday 13 September at 6.30pm

This morning Sophie and he Au-paire Sara, bought in Sophie's dog Evie. She was so lovely everyone wanted to pat and love her, even the people who are usually nervous of dogs.

The crane is lifting on the roof to the Staff room.Whoopee!

Fitness was fast sharp bursts of energy on the Snakes and ladders squares. There was no need to have the heat pump on! We were busy and roasting.

Maori language Maths.

Isi and Toa went on PM readers and listened to stories while we did our cloze work with our group teacher. The teachers were so successful as were their students! Well done guys. That meant I could work with people who found Cloze comprehension tricky.

Thanks Pippa.

Thanks Dom.

Thanks Cruz.

Thanks Maggie.

Thanks Adam.

Thanks Pippa.

Thanks Elliot.

Thanks Emma.

Thanks Sophie.

Good work guys!

Maths in Room 11 was division with remainders, a fraction of a set, multiplication using the place- value strategy

I have 34 buns and I want to divide them between 4 classes. How many will they get  each and will there be any left for me to share with the staff?

A third of lollipops are broken how many of my set of 27 are broken?

A carton of baked beans has 24 cans in it. How many cans will be in 4 boxes?

Charlie came in and gave her speech on "Grandmas" It was so funny! NPS are all hoping that you will do well tomorrow at the Interschool Speech finals.

Room 4 had their assembly this afternoon. They were such a wonderful little lot of learners. Well done Room 4 and Mrs Sighn.

We looked at the Information Presentations that had not been shared. They were so informative with great subtitles, information and pictures that showed the viewer more information. Some people had even added video clip links which we watched. 


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