Rahina 4 Mahuru

Monday 4 September

Gymnastics Club is on Thursday at 8am in the hall for the children who said they were interested.

Mrs Linehan is taking the Kauri Choir out this Wednesday morning. We are going to Milford School. Can you please remind your children. They must be wearing shoes and have their morning tea and drink bottle. They will be back for lunch

The Hall was busy so we did fitness in the playground again.

Isi and Toa read to Room 2 and they all LOVED it. Their reading wassmooth, fluent and they made sure it made sense by rerunning if they got muddled.

                                We have finished our book about animals. We loved that series.

We are learning how to write a narrative using this planning model.

Badminton with Marty.

Bebop Robot.

Teaching some little people to code.

Calendar art is nearly finished.


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