Rapare 7 Mahuru

Thursday 7 September

What a fantastic bunch of kids room 11  are! Here we are doing our best at netball.

This team came 1st overall in the Year 5 netball! I saw lots of winners last night when I went down to watch. The NPS kids wee focused athletic and determined to try their best and win.

Gymnastics club. Mel and Mrs Hugh were so impressed by our boys team. They were so good they told me they could be medal winners if they worked hard.

Gymnastics club met today. Thanks Mel and Mrs Hughes and Becca for taking them.

Fitness was on the snakes and ladders court. We had 10 minutes of hard exercise to make our brains grow.

The kids come up with the activities to do. running, skipping, frog jumps, spider walk etc.

We are writing narratives and really enjoying it. We are challenging Room 13 to a story -off. We think we will have the best stories but no pressure!

James lost his google slide information report. We are all sad about that! It was on leopards. Bothering computers!

Maths today was division with remainders.

I have 10 family sized mince pies and I want to share them between my 3 families. How many pies will they get each and how many will I have left over for myself?

10 divided by 3 =
3x 3= 9
so 3 and a remainder of 1.

23 cabbage plants divided by 3families = 
3x 7= 21 remainder 2

29 cakes divided by 3 families =
3x 9= 27 remainder of 2.

Bay blade club at lunchtime.

The next part of our Inquiry is: What can we have at school to make it more fun?
We have lots of great ideas. We are coming up with ideas in our groups.

Look out for our calendar art forms. Contact the office if you need another one.

Our wet day/muddy field suggestions for our inquiry so we can be enriched!


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