Ratu 5 Mahuru

Tuesday 5 September

Choir children will need their lunch tomorrow as the session will last longer than thought.

The NZEI makes some brilliant points. Look at these on line today about Nationals policy on National Standards. We have leaky classrooms, prefabs that are well past their use by date (Totara) and 2 classes short for the new build and National says we have modern Learning Environments, What a joke!

Emma bought her bull terrier Jess in and what a sweetie she was!

Birthday girl!

Maths, Tables, division and how to find a fraction of a set.

I have 40 bottles of fizzy drink. 1/ 8 of them are raspberry. How many ARE raspberry?

We are learning the difference between then and than.

Hair stylists 101! Cute Dom.

We have almost finished our calendar art. We are so proud of it. We have been great learners taking on new ideas, being determined, thinking, adapting when things did not go to plan and reflecting on what we could do better in the next lesson. Mr Jukes you rock! 

We gave our Information Presentations today. See if you can find them on Google slides or better still have your child share them with you.

Sophies great presentation on a game. 

Emma's on bull terriers.

The year 5/6 hockey reps. Fantastic.

My little team came 2nd in their competition and the year 5/6 boys team came 3rd in theirs. You have done NPS proud.

Year 5/6 and Mia

My year 3/ 4 team 


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